Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Headroom - Headroom

01. Outside
02. Miss
03. Slung
04. Headroom

Headroom play a cool interpretation of the kind of emo/punk that's really resonating with kids right now. The guitars are huge and crunchy while being atmospheric in all the right moments, and the just barely strained vocals carry intense melodies while conveying a definite sense of earnest sincerity. Basement and Title Fight would be lazy comparisons, but the likeness is definitely there. The nimble yet powerful drums carry these tunes forward in a powerful way, utilizing skillful fills without being so flashy as to divert the energy. While largely this pulls from emo and indie rock, some of the faster parts and palm muted guitar passages bring to mind No Trigger or Crime in Stereo for me right before slowing back down to carry the quieter vocals. I don't want to beat these comparisons to death, but if you're a fan of No Sleep or Run For Cover Records bands, Headroom will be right in your wheelhouse. Pick this up!

Reviewed by Justin.

Manchester alt-rockers Headroom had their growing fanbase in eager anticipation after announcing their second EP 'Carry Me Away' was being released this summer by Dog Knights Productions. And after dropping their impressive debut self-titled 7" last year, the quartet had the challenge of living up to some high expectations, fortunately though they more than out-do themselves this time around. The 4 new songs are well produced, delivering thick guitar riffs, soaring chorus' and angsty lyrics that prove Headroom could be at the start of a path to something great. If you're after some tightly performed emo-influenced rock music then you can't go wrong with this EP! Lets' hope a full-length isn't too far off...

Reviewed by Woody.

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