Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sport - Slow

1. Deadfilm
2. Rébuffat
3. Nod
4. Full House
5. Leaves
6. Muscles
7. Trompe l'ennui
8. Word95
9. ..

Here is the new record of one of my favorite emo/punk band, Sport.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Solanas - The Distance Within Our Bodies

01. Idyll Of Identity
02. Stay Silver
03. Home
04. Hangnail
05. Pink Lakes
06. Coping
07. Bury Me
08. Out For Honesty
09. What We Were / What We Are / What We Want To Be

'The Distance Within Our Bodies' by Solanas, really hit home with me; mainly because I know how it feels to feel uncomfortable with yourself because of the people around you. Or knowing you have no support or love almost makes you just want to disappear. Or how you have to hide yourself sometimes in worry that others will make you feel... abnormal. Solanas delivered so much passion in this album; you can feel the anger, the sadness, the hopefulness, the feeling that... even though times get shitty, there is always this random light peaking through that you can always turn to. From what I've been able to gather about the album, a lot of the songs are about the LGBTQ community, particularly 'Pink Lakes', due to the lyrics being inspired by a Transgender suicide. 'Coping', is the song that I felt closest with, learning to have to cope with your environment because being or feeling yourself is hard to do without someone always putting you down. 'Hangnail', speaking of self-doubt, about worry of how others make you feel... different. It’s an album that speaks to everyone, of all sexes, sexual orientations, race, etc; anyone who has ever felt isolated from their self or from others. This is one of those albums that you carry with you in your thoughts. It's hard for me to compare the band to any other bands because their sound has so much distinctness and versatility to it. Sort of reminds me of Envy, The Caution Children, Arktika, or Native, only because of the atmospheric/shoegaze sound. The vocals come off very distant at times, which helps with the angst in the lyrics. It's just a pure mixture of punk music with screamo, emo, and post-hardcore influences; true DIY Punk! The riffs are unforgettable, the lyrics are meaningful, and the passion in undeniable.

Reviewed by Joshua.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

La Luna - Always Already

01. Empty Portrait
02. Outdoor Voice
03. House Party
04. Undreaming
05. Always Already
06. Father Time
07. Broken Heart Emoji
08. Withdrawal Of Consent
09. Seneca Falls Convention
10. West In Peace

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Mont-Doré - Fractures

01. Before We Go
02. Don’t Go Wasting Your Devotion
03. Let’s Not Slam Doors Anymore
04. Of Course You Are
05. The Longest Silence Ever Heard
06. Show Me Where It Hurts
07. What You Gave Me Is Not A Gift

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Libido Wins - Anhedonia

01. Ember And Our Reflections
02. The Stendhal Syndrome Of Us Wasting Away
03. (Endless Cycle Of Aching Déjá Vu)
04. Everyday Kalopsia
05. Sempiternal Timelapses
06. The Crush Of The Century
07. Nocturnal Diary Sessions - Part 1
08. Nocturnal Diary Sessions - Part 2
09. Nocturnal Diary Sessions - Part 3

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Old Soul - Lentic Waters Split

01. Old Soul - Wick
02. Old Soul - Tome
03. Old Soul - Perfectly Fucked (Love Lost But Not Forgotten Cover)
04. Lentic Waters - Compliments
05. Lentic Waters - 160 Lbs. Of Fury
06. Lentic Waters - Asking For It?

Michigan's Old Soul and Germany's Lentic Waters make quite the team on this new split that was released in July. Both acts play a gloomy style of screamo, but the reason this split works well is because they each add their own twist to the genre, putting a different spin on things. Old Soul aim for something slightly more technical and slow-building, whilst Lentic Waters have a doomy and thunderous deliverance. Either way, if you like one, you're bound to like the other just as much.

Reviewed by Woody.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Maskros - Untold

01. Deception
02. Depletion
03. Perpetuate
04. Void
05. .

For a debut release this is some pretty impressive stuff and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the members of Maskros had cut their teeth in other bands prior to this. Hailing from Germany, the three-piece weave elements of screamo and punk into a dark, rowdy and unforgiving formula that will surely translate amazingly to the live setting. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on these guys to see what they come out with next.

Reviewed by Woody.

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Black Love - Black Love

01. Corps Étranger
02. Black Baby Jesus
03. Becker's Leitmotif
04. Libertines
05. L'Insoutenable Légèretè De Sauce
06. Ø
07. La Fois Que Le Spot Est Passé Au Feu

Black Love is a six piece band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada who formed in 2012. Black Love play dark, atmospheric, and stark style of music that mixes equal parts post-hardcore and post-rock. Musically, Black Love can be loosely compared to bands such as Locktender, This Will Destroy You, Totem Skin, and Amber. This is the band's debut seven song LP, which was released via I Corrupt Records on September 13, 2014. On their debut full-length, Black Love offers up seven tracks of dark, atmospheric, and at times melodic sounding, post-hardcore, post-rock, and screamo. Overall, this is a killer album. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Chris.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Crows-An-Wra - Kalopsia

01. Kalopsia
02. Perseus
03. Vibrant Colours
04. Constraint In Secrets
05. Dismay! The Seconds Slow
06. Heavy Heads (I)
07. Blossom (II)
08. Ataraxia
09. This Will Soon Be Forgotten

After turning many heads last year with the release of their self-titled EP, Cornwall quartet Crows-An-Wra have dropped 'Kalopsia', their debut full-length, through Barely Regal, Wolf Town DIY and Boslevan Records. Spanning around half an hour, the albums nine songs are each bursting with bright tones and warped melodies that will get stuck in your head easily. No matter how manic and energetic their performances sound, it's clear that a lot of methodical thinking has gone into writing this and that's why it stands out as one of the most memorable screamo/punk records I've heard so far this year. If you're in the market for something unusual and progressive then you can't go wrong here!

Reviewed by Woody.

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Sierra - Reality Redefined

01. Bittersweet Youth
02. Suburban Fame
03. Hideaway Revolution
04. Memoirs
05. The Great Charade

This is the swan song from Sierra, a five piece group hailing from Mt Gambier (NSW) of all places! They've been an interesting group who many labelled as 'one to watch' for some time as they shifted gears from early punk/hardcore roots into a more mature modern post-hardcore/emo style we're familiar with. Unfortunately the band recently announced that they'll be hanging up the name and moving on to other things, but not before letting their last offering loose upon us. A five song release that shows off the bands many facets and range with excellent production values, great performances and all for free/pay what you want download. Lead single 'Suburban Fame' had a video clip up online which gathered a few hits and shares and hinted at the quality release that was to follow. The mix is spot on and you can hear every instrument evenly and clearly. The extra layers of guitar wailing and reverby lead parts don't get too over the top and add just the right amount of texture and colour. There's an intelligent amount of space in between the instruments especially between bass and drums who work well together, no member over plays or outshines another and leaves plenty of breathing room for guitars to ring out or chug along. It's a damn shame that a band like this one..who is genuinely hitting their groove and reaching this point of refinement is at the end of their journey. Track #4 'Memoirs' has this brilliant lull at like 1:15 where percussion comes in, clean guitars pick notes and there's the screaming over the top. It's stuff like that which made me really take notice of how far this band has reached beyond their beginnings and brought something really creative to pass on this EP. Lyrically this material is powerful, heartfelt and positive. There are undeniably uplifting themes throughout the 5 songs making this different from the standard sad-boiz-club soundtrack. The opening track 'Bittersweet Youth' has the standout lyric, 'lately I've learnt that it's alright to not be okay', and if it doesn't stick with you after the first listen... check your pulse. This will resonate with fans of Being As An Ocean and La Dispute for the combination of clean guitar work, passionate vocals and heavy hitting drums. As I said earlier, it's a damn shame they're packing it in. But... what a hell of a release to go out on!

Reviewed by Sean.

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