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Trachimbrod - Leda

01. Rum Utan Fönster
02. Allt Ar Som Det Alltid Var
03. Tärd
04. Begränsad
05. Medskyldighet
06. Ett Annat Liv
07. Vi Två
08. Hjärnspöke
09. Saker De Säger

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Shizune - Cheat Death, Live Dead!

01. The Dreamers Sleep On Concrete
02. Dance Dance Dance
03. Lentiggini
04. Take Her To Takamatsu Toonice
05. Per Stare Al Passo Coi Tempi Ho Perso Tutti Di Vista
06. Dead All Day, Rodeo Tonight!
07. Espiazione Del Moratorium
08. Je Veux Que La Mort Me Trouve Plantant Mes Choux
09. Kathmandu
10. Always Separate The Drugs

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Hermetic - Postscript

01. Fault-Finding Mission
02. Glass
03. Working Slob
04. Collapsible Human
05. Strategic Default
06. Relics
07. March
08. Anathema
09. Withering
10. Smoke
11. Test Pressing
12. Postscript

Last week band Hermetic (Vancouver post-punk / emo / weird pop two-piece) released their final album named 'Postscript'.

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Crowning - Funeral Designs

01. Funeral Designs
02. Velleity
03. Swivet
04. Exposure
05. Buddy Dwyer

'Funeral Designs' is a phenomenal debut recording, with the majority of the band continuing on from their previous endeavor Pregnancy Pact. These five songs are able to perfectly balance crushing emotional hardcore (think Furnace) and the melodic tendencies of newer, but still heavy screamo (think Loma Prieta).

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Subjects​ / Rulers - Subjects​ / ​Rulers

01. Of Milk And Wine
02. Surely You Must Be Joking
03. Godel, Escher, Bach
04. Nice Death Ray, Buddy
05. Don't Let The Cat Out Of The Box
06. The Uncertainty Principle (On The Nose)
07. Your Number Is Up
08. Famous Last Words

Boasting members from a plethora of amazing American screamo bands (including Cease Upon The Capitol, Altar Of Complaints and Dolcim), Nashville's Subjects​ / Rulers have created a very dense concoction of both abrasive hardcore and dreamy / spacey moments. Not meant for background music, these eight songs require attention and intelligence and will reveal more and more layers upon repeat listens.

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Elle - Elle

01. The Clearing
02. Mockingbirds
03. Pulse
04. Parts & Parcels
05. Cold Hands

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Mont-Doré - Fractures

01. Before We Go
02. Don't Go Wasting Your Devotion
03. Let's Not Slam Doors Anymore
04. Of Course You Are
05. The Longest Silence Ever Heard
06. Show Me Where It Hurts
07. What You Gave Me Is Not A Gift

"This album is dedicated to the ones struggling and recovering from every kind of personal abuse. This one is for the healing. For the days after the day after."

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Heart On My Sleeve - In The Midst Of Hope And Nothingness

01. This Failure Is Not On Me
02. So I Ran With Scissors
03. Vicious Circles
04. What Doesn't Kill You (Will Damage You)
05. He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven
06. A Tale Of Two Hearts
07. In The Beauty Of It All
08. Home Is Where The Hurt Is
09. I Hate It When You're Here, But I Miss You When You're Gone

You know that feeling of "goosebumps" when maybe you get a cold chill or something really serious makes you feel a certain way? Well, that's how this album by Heart On My Sleeve makes me feel. Being an artist featured on the site before, I'll just get straight to the point. At certain times you think the album is about ghosts lingering because it's someone close to you that's passed away like the song "I Hate It When You Are Here, But I Miss You When You're Gone". Sometimes, it's a feeling of just missing someone and it hurting like hell, but almost in an ugly-sad kind of way, like "This Failure Is Not On Me". Sometimes, it's your own battles you are battling with yourself, like "So I Ran With Scissors". They feature an artist from the band VI SOM ALSKADE VARANDRA SA MYCKET in the song "A Tale Of Two Hearts" who are also from Sweden. The song is almost like two lovers telling the same story but hearing it from each other's own voice; especially since the band has a female fronted vocalist featuring a male vocalist. So real... The album is the perfect amount of spoken word, the perfect amount of emotion, the perfect amount of fast to slow, and everything inbetween. It's almost like a book, when the album ends, it's like a chapter in life has ended and you are left with this feeling that nothing matters but you always hope for more. It's an album that I will carry for a long time and in my opinion, some of the best work that Heart On My Sleeve has done.

Reviewed by Joshua.

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Masada - Masada

01. Uneindeutigkeiten
02. Vier
03. Defeat
04. Schwäerzester Punkt
05. Sandkästen
06. Remains
07. Untitled 1
08. T-S
09. Nach Aukha
10. Fragments
11. Repeat

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Sport - Slow

1. Deadfilm
2. Rébuffat
3. Nod
4. Full House
5. Leaves
6. Muscles
7. Trompe l'ennui
8. Word95
9. ..

Here is the new record of one of my favorite emo/punk band, Sport.

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Solanas - The Distance Within Our Bodies

01. Idyll Of Identity
02. Stay Silver
03. Home
04. Hangnail
05. Pink Lakes
06. Coping
07. Bury Me
08. Out For Honesty
09. What We Were / What We Are / What We Want To Be

'The Distance Within Our Bodies' by Solanas, really hit home with me; mainly because I know how it feels to feel uncomfortable with yourself because of the people around you. Or knowing you have no support or love almost makes you just want to disappear. Or how you have to hide yourself sometimes in worry that others will make you feel... abnormal. Solanas delivered so much passion in this album; you can feel the anger, the sadness, the hopefulness, the feeling that... even though times get shitty, there is always this random light peaking through that you can always turn to. From what I've been able to gather about the album, a lot of the songs are about the LGBTQ community, particularly 'Pink Lakes', due to the lyrics being inspired by a Transgender suicide. 'Coping', is the song that I felt closest with, learning to have to cope with your environment because being or feeling yourself is hard to do without someone always putting you down. 'Hangnail', speaking of self-doubt, about worry of how others make you feel... different. It’s an album that speaks to everyone, of all sexes, sexual orientations, race, etc; anyone who has ever felt isolated from their self or from others. This is one of those albums that you carry with you in your thoughts. It's hard for me to compare the band to any other bands because their sound has so much distinctness and versatility to it. Sort of reminds me of Envy, The Caution Children, Arktika, or Native, only because of the atmospheric/shoegaze sound. The vocals come off very distant at times, which helps with the angst in the lyrics. It's just a pure mixture of punk music with screamo, emo, and post-hardcore influences; true DIY Punk! The riffs are unforgettable, the lyrics are meaningful, and the passion in undeniable.

Reviewed by Joshua.

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La Luna - Always Already

01. Empty Portrait
02. Outdoor Voice
03. House Party
04. Undreaming
05. Always Already
06. Father Time
07. Broken Heart Emoji
08. Withdrawal Of Consent
09. Seneca Falls Convention
10. West In Peace

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Libido Wins - Anhedonia

01. Ember And Our Reflections
02. The Stendhal Syndrome Of Us Wasting Away
03. (Endless Cycle Of Aching Déjá Vu)
04. Everyday Kalopsia
05. Sempiternal Timelapses
06. The Crush Of The Century
07. Nocturnal Diary Sessions - Part 1
08. Nocturnal Diary Sessions - Part 2
09. Nocturnal Diary Sessions - Part 3

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