Tuesday, July 30, 2013

For Want Of - Smoke

01. I'll Go It Alone
02. Golden Cages
03. Coyote
04. Forced Assimilation
05. Dogmatist
06. Episode IV
07. Mentors
08. Dark Path

For Want Of are a formidable four-piece hailing from Austin, Texas, and their latest album 'Smoke' showcases their penchant for hardcore-influenced skramz in an alarming and genuinely enjoyable fashion. Gang vocals abound throughout these eight sharp tracks, as all three guitarists take equal footing on the mics, and the results are astounding. For Want Of is a band that should be paid attention to by any fan of Loma Prieta, Punch, or any well-written modern screamo, and 'Smoke' is a fantastically produced and brilliantly executed album.

Reviewed by Daniel.

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