Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boa Narrow - As The Boa Narrows…

01. Dear Mr. Stevie Wonder
02. Tengo Los Blues
03. Waiting To Exhale
04. As The Boa Narrows...
05. Astonishing Bear Attacks Or Thank You, Goodnight
06. (Blank)
07. I'd Take A Vet Over An MD Anyday
08. "We Are Boa Narrow", "Line?"

50 minutes of great jazzy screamo by Boa Narrow from North Carolina, US. Some parts of this album remind me of Saetia, which i love by the way. If you like the experimental type of screamo, you should listen this.

[ download ]


  1. wow, these guys are pretty good. is this their only release?

    1. they have an other stuff. i will upload it.