Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Solanas - The Distance Within Our Bodies

01. Idyll Of Identity
02. Stay Silver
03. Home
04. Hangnail
05. Pink Lakes
06. Coping
07. Bury Me
08. Out For Honesty
09. What We Were / What We Are / What We Want To Be

'The Distance Within Our Bodies' by Solanas, really hit home with me; mainly because I know how it feels to feel uncomfortable with yourself because of the people around you. Or knowing you have no support or love almost makes you just want to disappear. Or how you have to hide yourself sometimes in worry that others will make you feel... abnormal. Solanas delivered so much passion in this album; you can feel the anger, the sadness, the hopefulness, the feeling that... even though times get shitty, there is always this random light peaking through that you can always turn to. From what I've been able to gather about the album, a lot of the songs are about the LGBTQ community, particularly 'Pink Lakes', due to the lyrics being inspired by a Transgender suicide. 'Coping', is the song that I felt closest with, learning to have to cope with your environment because being or feeling yourself is hard to do without someone always putting you down. 'Hangnail', speaking of self-doubt, about worry of how others make you feel... different. It’s an album that speaks to everyone, of all sexes, sexual orientations, race, etc; anyone who has ever felt isolated from their self or from others. This is one of those albums that you carry with you in your thoughts. It's hard for me to compare the band to any other bands because their sound has so much distinctness and versatility to it. Sort of reminds me of Envy, The Caution Children, Arktika, or Native, only because of the atmospheric/shoegaze sound. The vocals come off very distant at times, which helps with the angst in the lyrics. It's just a pure mixture of punk music with screamo, emo, and post-hardcore influences; true DIY Punk! The riffs are unforgettable, the lyrics are meaningful, and the passion in undeniable.

Reviewed by Joshua.

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