Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wherebirdsmeettodie​ - Dearest Split

01. Wherebirdsmeettodie - Flower Bed
02. Dearest - It's About Time
03. Wherebirdsmeettodie - Acrylic
04. Dearest - Closer

This 4 track 7” split features two new songs from both Wherebirdsmeettodie (US) and Dearest (GER). It's being put out through Shivery MMXII Productions (Germany), Ozona Records (United States) and Age Crisis Records (Australia) in October. Both bands play a familiar blend of post-hardcore/screamo with enough subtle differences between the two artists that actually compliment rather than out-shine the other. It makes for a really great listen and although 4 tracks pass by rather quickly it is a really good pairing and it leaves me wanting more. Wherebirdsmeettodie (from Pennsylvania, US) have a fuller/cleaner production aesthetic and the quality of the mix helps a lot to really show off the nice clean guitars and brightness of cymbals amidst heartfelt screams. It's melodic, emotive and the two tracks are over way too soon despite clocking in over 3 minutes each. There's a good amount of space between the intense bursts in their material and quite impressive for a two piece! The build-ups explode and then pull back to reveal some clever instrumentation... and then yeh... they go crazy again. It’s a nice ride. Dearest (Wurzburg, Ger) sound much more live and raw than their counterparts here. The vocals are bit more upfront and easy to make out. It reminds me quite a bit of Hot Cross in that hoarse/yelling fashion and the music probably lends itself towards that band too. Dearest are a little more straight forward and less complicated than others in the genre making it more accessible for this sort of music... in the same way you might relate LaDispute or Piano's as being 'crossover' bands. This is like that. The drums are tights and quite driving, the bass is clear and really sits well in the mix holding the notes beneath all the guitar work which has some cool lead/riff's that really stand out! In short, this is a fantastic split with a lot to offer listeners. A well executed introduction to two bands which I previously did not know and now. I will proceed to order myself a copy of that 7".

Reviewed by Sean.

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