Thursday, August 14, 2014

Raccoon City - Nightlife

01. Lungs
02. All Life Is Lost
03. WitchHouse
04. Passage
05. Slumlord
06. Starting To See
07. Twelve

RCPD are a five piece band from Adelaide who play emo/skramz/punk music that reminds me an awful lot of Off Minor. With that said, I could probably leave the review right there and you should have more than enough reason to warrant checking them out. But wait... there's more. Featuring 7 tracks the 'Nightlife' is only the second release from the band and has proven to be quite a popular one since it dropped in May. Age Crisis Records put out the CD, Annoy And Destroy put out the tape and soon I believe they'll be producing a 7" to complete your collection! Plus the band was offering it for free d/l (until they ran out) so obviously this music is making an impact and people are lapping it up! The production is superb on this release and sounds really full. Instruments are crystal clear, drums are punchy as hell and the vocals carry amazingly well above it all in the mix. Overall the band plays melodic/mathy/aggressive emo that will resonate with fans of Pianos Become The Teeth, Tiny Moving Parts, Calculator, Caravels etc. There are ambient/reverb laden post-rock moments, heavy crust/hardcore moments, blast beats and impressive guitar noodling, in fact there's more packed into these 7 tracks than a lot of bands I hear attempt across a whole album. It's ambitious if nothing else. Lyrically it's really got some potency, loaded with metaphors and personal stuff like "I guess what im trying to say, it's hard to watch a loved one slowly fade away / with every breathe you take / brings death closer this way" on the opener 'Lungs'. Wether born from personal experiences or stories, the words seem very personal and are delivered with passion and urgency. This is clearly and easily in my top-releases of the year. I am smashing this one on repeat and I don't even like Resident Evil.

Reviewed by Sean.

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  1. pretty amazing band.

  2. I had this sitting idle for a while, and I was so blown away when I finally listened to it. I agree with everything you said here, Sean. The superb production was incredibly nice, but it really caught me off guard. Haha. Thanks for this post! Cheers!