Thursday, August 14, 2014

Desidia - Desidia Demo

01. Lúgubre
02. Agorafobia / Tumba De Cemento

Desidia is a band of Buenos Aires, his style varies from the darkest doom, the most violent crust, and increible sludge trips as seen in 'Simbolismo De La Division' (you can listen on their bandcamp page) six minutes of a single trip, it is impossible not to recall the glorious band Ekkaia when you listen. His lyrics are as important as their music, lead anyone to re-consider their thinking. 'Agoraphobia / Cement Tomb' is another song from his Demo highly recommended to all fans of Ekkaia, Tragedy, Fall Of Efrafa, Avitacion 101 and many other bands.

Reviewed by Yura.

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