Monday, December 2, 2013

Perfect Future - Irrational, Malleable, Inevitable

01. Irrational
02. Malleable
03. Inevitable

This short seven inch from Maryland's Perfect Future serves as a good introduction to the band for new listeners, and the band uses these three songs to outline who they are and the directions they're heading in. Opening track 'Irrational' jumps right into weaving guitar lines and call and response style vocals. Winding riffs give way to chunky guitar chords that carry a group chorus perfectly. Anyone familiar with Perfect Future's brand of "political emo" will be satisfied as the bridge emerges in the form of clean picked single notes and intense lyrics about animal testing. 'Malleable' immediately jumps out of the gate heavier and more screamed that its preceding track. Riffs here are quick and nimble, though I wouldn’t use the word "noodly" in this context, as they seem to come from a different place. As the drums pick up, the guitars remain on single notes to create a cool dynamic that ends this short song. The most immediately somber and downtrodden of these three songs, 'Inevitable' relies heavily on picked out clean guitar and reserved drums. The vocals begin gently sung, though still full of quiet intensity. By the end of the song things have gotten intense again, mixing punctuated drums with shouted vocals and heavier progressions. This is a good sampling of styles from a band doing something interesting and different within emo. Definitely worth checking out.

Reviewed by Justin.

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