Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mini Post #24

Yusuke - Delos Split

In this mini post you can meet 3 heavy and powerful splits. The first between Yusuke (US) and Delos (Germany), fast-paced screamo stuff, listen to it!
[ listen on bandcamp ] [ listen on bandcamp ]

El Eje Del Mäl​ - ​Inquiry Last Scenery

The second split by El Eje Del Mäl from Spain and ​Inquiry Last Scenery from Malaysia is a must for fans of spazzy screamo and emo-violence.
[ listen on bandcamp ]

Löri Berensön - Escaleras Split

Peruvian Löri Berensön's debut is one of my favourite records. Now they have released a split with Escaleras from Argentina. Excellent songs, you've got to hear them!
[ listen on bandcamp ] [ listen on bandcamp ]

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