Sunday, October 6, 2013

Youth Funeral - Symptom Of Time

01. Thought Archive
02. Lush
03. A Dream
04. Lovesick
05. New Gospel

At this point in time there are so many bands doing screamo/emo-violence/ skramz that very few poke their heads above the masses and stand out to me. It seems that every basement along the east coast has a band either a) playing faster than they can really handle and screeching unheard through a broken pa system or b) doing their best Pianos Become The Teeth impression over reverb soaked clean guitar lines. With my attitude toward new bands of these styles being so cynical, I was really surprised to find myself really enjoying 'Symptom Of Time'. I think that it was a perfect storm of circumstance - the record is short so as to not overstay its welcome, the production was handled by veteran awesome dude Will Killingsworth, and Youth Funeral used elements of the genre that haven't been beaten into the ground repeatedly. Sure, the somber interlude 'A Dream' mixes a lone guitar and a spoken word vocal delivery, but it actually sounds pained rather than over dramatic. The riff that introduces 'Lovesick' is reminiscent of Killingsworth's Orchid, and the overall tones of this release are warm, gritty and urgent. Overall a great release from an oversaturated genre.

Reviewed by Justin.

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