Monday, October 21, 2013

Mine - Disappear

01. Stand Up Straight And Let Me Take A Look At You
02. Penknife
03. Disappear
04. Purple
05. Sleepwalk

While this band might most easily (and lazily) be described as hardcore, there are many different currents churning underneath the surface. Elements of this are most definitely hardcore - the pounding drums, straining screamed vocals, and the big, decimating chord progressions - but every time you think you know where things are going next, Mine throw a curveball. Passages like the opening mid tempo jam of the title track feel like skate rock in terms of tempo, but contain melodic guitar riffs that control the mood of the part. These sections give way to somber clean picked segues that jump right back into melodic riffing and big, open mid tempo drums. The powerful, driving vibe behind this whole record makes it perfect for, well, driving. The drumless instrumental track 'Purple' perfectly paces the record, creating breathing room between walls of riffs and drums. It also perfectly sets up the album's dynamic closer, 'Sleepwalk'. Lone clean guitars start the track, but they are soon joined by drums and shouted vocals, creating a cool dark dynamic. The song switches tempos deftly between driving and plodding, creating a tension that continues to build right up to the last ring out.

Reviewed by Justin.

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