Wednesday, September 4, 2013

John Cota - III

01. Steve Jobs
02. Housefire
03. Ball Pit

Just who the fuck do John Cota think they are, offering their new 3-song EP (appropriately titled 'III') for $1000 US dollars (or more) on their bandcamp? I'm not under the impression they're messing around; 'III' launches right out of the gate with some intense hardcore-tinged punk with the track 'Steve Jobs', and for the following seven minutes or so, the band refuses to relent. The guitars are dark and insanely huge, the drumming is spot-on, and the vocals are brutally intense, full of vitrol. With so many artists giving their work away, maybe John Cota is on to something; they know what they're creating is of worth, and they've made it available appropriately. 'III' is a grand EP, and it's over too soon; I don't have a grand to drop on seven minutes of barreling, relentless hardcore, but everyone should pay these mad geniuses their due, recession be damned.

Reviewed by Daniel.

This new EP by Oakland California's John Cota is short, don't mistake its brevity for weakness. The three tracks here pack a hell of a punch, using a hardcore template while tweaking it with bits of crust, punk, and screamo to make for an enjoyable listen. Opener 'Steve Jobs' crushes right out of the gate, mixing punctuated drums, super dirty guitar, and mid register screams to create heavy but listenable texture. The songs all continue in this general fashion, with the occasional clean groove giving the listener a break from the intensity. Definitely don’t overlook this record.

Reviewed by Justin.

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