Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Infinite Void - Infinite Void

01. Creeping Symmetry
02. These Days
03. Pull Apart
04. Give Up
05. (You're) Still Sour
06. Pay For What It's Worth
07. Still Waiting
08. The Weight
09. Distant Light
10. Something Is Lost
11. What's Left

When I first glanced at the cover of this self titled LP from Infinite Void, I wasn't quite expecting what I got when I pressed play. The bleak looking church conjures up expectations of something maybe a little more metal, a little more atmospheric, or generally something a little more evil. Instead what I got was a record full of mid-tempo post-punk jams, and after a listen, the cover fits well. These songs aren't "evil" per se, but there is definitely a haunting element to them. The guitars pluck slightly discordant melodies, and the mid-tempo shuffling of the drums keep a steady and driving tempo for the reverby vocals that croon and moan over top. I want to say that the tones on this sound dates, but that would do a disservice to the way they were recorded. Rather, they approach a timelessness - they don’t drip of modern technology or over compression or fixing every note digitally. The best part about this record is that it sounds like musicians in the same room playing together. Everything gels in the right ways. The guitars jump between chord structures and jangly leads, but it seems that rather than one instrument taking the forefront, everything works in tandem to produce a cohesive whole. There are elements here that are reminiscent of The Smiths, The Cure, or other post-punk of yesteryear, but the fact that Infinite Void are doing this style so tightly and confidently in 2013 is what makes this release stand out.

Reviewed by Justin.

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