Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Casket - Casket

01. Shiver
02. I Had Dreams
03. Breathe
04. Nothing Left
05. Demolished Towers
06. Grown/Bitter
07. We Were Once

It seems to me there are two schools of emo/skramz these days: the twinkly, guitar-virtuoso types (the midwest seems to be churning out these bands in droves, and at high-quality, too) with discordant vocals and multiple time signatures; on the other end of the spectrum, you find solid four-chord rockers who have studied at the helm of Jade Tree and Deep Elm, keep their vocals melodic and on-key, and know how to write a sing-a-long chorus you can't resist. Casket falls deftly into the latter category (add the word "lottery" to their band name and you're probably looking at a genuine influence), with big hooks and catchy choruses, both guitarists and the drummer share vocal duties on these tracks. This isn't groundbreaking emo work, but Casket has found a way to personally own tried and tested formulas and craft an album that is consistently a joyous listen. Their self-titled album finds Casket growing leaps and bounds in production and prowess from their demo released earlier this year; 'Grown/Bitter' the only track found on both, is a clear testament to this. If this is the amount of progress we can continue to expect from Casket, their next outing is sure to be stunning.

Reviewed by Daniel.

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  1. Totally digging this sound. The vocals are so powerful and the guitars really rip it! "all of my friends are hooked on pills" sheesh!

    1. hell yeah and there live show is ridiculous definitely one of my favorites as far as local bands go, look out for there lp next year!

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