Friday, August 2, 2013

MNMNTS - The Choir Belongs To You

01. You're No Good On A Job Like This
02. We Began Well
03. The End Of Innocence, The Darkness Of Man's Heart

MNMNTS is a post-hardcore/punk-band from Koblenz, Trier, Germany featuring ex-members of Ten Years A Day, A Case Of Grenada and Rachel Casca. MNMNTS play a dark and epic style of post-hardcore. 'The Choir Belongs To You' is the band's latest three song 12" released via Adagio 830 Records on February 13, 2013. The packaging on this release is amazing as well. 'The Choir Belongs To You' was pressed as a single sided silk screened 12". On this EP, MNMNTS offer up three songs of dark, cathartic, and tense sounding post-hardcore music.

Reviewed by Chris.

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