Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dads - Pretty Good

01. My Crass Patch
02. Can I Be Yr Deadbeat Boyfriend?
03. Boat Rich
04. No, We're Not Actually

I have quite an on/off relationship with Dads. Sometimes I love them, sometimes not so much. I loved their 'Brush Your Teeth, Again' release, I think it's one of my favourite recent emo releases for sure, however with 'American Radass' I didn't really get the "hype". It was a solid record, but I didn't understand why everybody loved it, even after countless people telling me why they loved it and how great it was. Maybe it was just me? I don't know however I told myself to go into this record with an open mind because I was ready for a new Dads release to wow me and boy did it do that. When I was hoping for something different, this is not what I expected, but how pleased was I? Very. I know a bunch of people have been weirded out and a little puzzled as to why 'Pretty Good', the 4th Dads release, was released on 6131 Records with a bunch of hardcore/metal bands, me being on of the latter as soon as I started listening to this, I kind of got it. 'My Crass Patch' which is the first song on the new 4-track EP, is a lot heavier than Dads have ever offered before, huge riffs and none of those little twinkles here, but it works. The Dads vocals bring this back to something that feels familiar however so adventurous at the same time. The next song, 'Can I Be Yr Deadbeat Boyfriend' will make Dads fans feel way more at home. This short track clocking in at 1:53 starts with a thin riff and wonderfully over-the-top drums, then just instantly throwing you into a fantastic verse which is catchy but packs a hell of a punch, even without the massive distortion from the last song. Quick emo-punk and very cool. Now it's time for 'Boat Rich' which is a more relaxed song that of the previous entries into 'Pretty Good'. Yet again starting with a cool twinkly riff that marks Dads all over the track, then followed with a more poppy feel, due to the drums I think, but it totally works in contrast to be honest. The relaxed vocals with up-beat an almost dancey drum beat is something that I'm super into, more of this please. Last song and it's the longest song on the record, it feels like a very 'Shit Twins' esque entry which is one of the songs that I never really "got" from the 'American Radass' record. However this song I feel is 'Shit Twins' done right. Slow, nice vocals, a giant build up and catchy melodies. Speaking of the build-up, we see the return of the huge distorted guitar from the first song, which I feel Dads need to use more of, it's just such a game changer for them, for me it's made this EP a lot more interesting and easy to listen to. Fantastic. So, 'Pretty Good' is an EP that I feel will appeal to new listeners and old fans, keeping enough elements from 'American Radass' and previous entries but also adding a new twist on old tricks. I recommend this to anybody that is willing to listen, literally anybody. Buy it digitally from 6131 Records' bandcamp or pick up the 2nd vinyl pressing from No Sleep Records.

Reviewed by Steven.

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  1. so excited! this record is amazazing. I love dads.

  2. Awww, the download link is broken.

  3. Please update de download link! PLEASE!