Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Boys' Club - Boys' Club

01. (R.I.P.) R.I.P.
02. Snake.Serpent
03. Don Reaper
04. Harpsichords

I can't even remember how I stumbled across Boys' Club, I think I was mindlessly trawling through the punk or emo tag on Bandcamp and was immediately drawn in by the artwork. This trio hail from Winnipeg in Canada and with this four track EP they've delivered one of the very best eps you'll hear all year. I have no idea who their key influences are but by the end of the first track '(R.I.P.) R.I.P.' I was reminded of bands like Little American Champ and 25 Rifles. This is the kind of anthemic, gruff, indie-punk that has you singing along without knowing the words and imagining how awesome they must be to see live. Second track 'Snake. Serpent' is another gem; catchy as hell with awesome lyrics. On the third track 'Don Reaper' I was struck by just how good the vocals sound on this ep and felt inspired to look up Eles Thiessen, the dude responsible for the recording and mixing. Turns out he's an awesome singer-songwriter in his own right, look him up on Soundcloud. The ep draws to a close with 'Harpsichords' another incredible track featuring some great guitar work. If there was any justice in the world this would blow up on Bandcamp and these guys would be able to tour extensively and record more. If you like emotional punk with hints of emo and grunge and honest, heartfelt vocals then you should check these guys out.

Reviewed by Gary.

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