Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Train Park - Adventurers Split

01. Train Park - Impossible Pie
02. Train Park - Dogs Day
03. Train Park - Continually Sick
04. Train Park - In Turns
05. Adventurers - Hundi
06. Adventurers - Outside
07. Adventurers - Stock Footage Festival
08. Adventurers - Full Body Boy To Girl Transformation Gender Bender 2010

Train Park start off this split, and while the short opener 'Impossible Pie' hints at a more jagged post hardcore sound, the second song 'Dog Days' begins in a slower, more somber manner. The guitars riff a little without getting out of hand, and it fits the more sung vocal approach wonderfully. When the middle of the song kicks up the intensity, we are reminded of the mood introduced on the first track, and the tremolo picked guitar lead adds a textural layer that keeps the somber mood. Their third contribution to the split seems to mix the band’s two main facets by starting with a clean guitar progression, but more uptempo drums and a more forceful vocal delivery. These three songs are well rounded, and are an intriguing sampling of the band that encourages the listener to look up more. Adventurers offer four songs to this split, and their first track 'Hundi' begins with a clean guitar line and a group vocal part that begins the songs beautifully. When the rest of the band joins the listener is greeted by a jangly emo sound with interesting guitar lines that don’t cross the line into being too noodly. The rest of their songs continue in a similar fashion, changing vocal delivery between warbly singing and throaty screaming. The drums are the true gem here, nimbly dancing around the chords and vocals with interesting beats and quick, tight fills. Fans of various sub-styles of emo will find plenty to like in this cool split.

Reviewed by Justin.

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