Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stockades - Stockades

01. Just Following Orders
02. Borderlines
03. Likeminded, 3011
04. Something To Fill

It’s a little tricky for me to totally pin down who I think this Australian band sounds like. There sound is definitely rooted in something familiar, but there is an element here that sounds energetic and fresh to me. These guitars noodle a bit, but not obnoxiously so. Just when I’m thinking that a song will stay a certain way through to the end, Stockades throw in horns and a spoken word section before hopping back into the jaunty, quick tempo emo/screamo that they do so well. In the instances where the clean guitars are weaving together, the heavy bass connects perfectly with the technical but not too flashy drum parts to provide a perfect foundation upon which to set the yelly vocals. The higher lead guitar lines are fast picked and effects laden, but then give way to passages that are heavily rooted in rhythm, knowing when to pull back to allow time for the vocals to shine. I think that fans of bands like Raein and Fire Team Charlie will definitely find something to like here.

Reviewed by Justin.

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