Tuesday, July 30, 2013

No Tongue - Body + Mind

01. Dwanta
02. Shop Talk
03. Sad Contest
04. Sad Country

No Tongue, a four-piece from Oakland, CA, has only been a band a little over a year, but you wouldn't think them young by the quality of their work. I'd guess the members of this band have listened to a fair amount of These Arms Are Snakes, Hot Cross, and perhaps even some early No Knife, but No Tongue distills all those influences into a truly enjoyable four-track album. Especially surprising moments include the burst of raw noise that shows up at the conclusion of 'Dwanta', and the poppy outro of 'Sad Contest' made me smile with surprise. Closer 'Sad Country' is a slower, measured instrumental, but it didn't keep me from replaying the album immediately upon its conclusion.

Reviewed by Daniel.

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