Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nevasca - Demo Tape

01. Polaroids
02. Unison
03. Thirst
04. Empty Canvas
05. On The Road
06. Sad Song

Nevasca have a cool way of blending shining, twinkly emo with throaty yells and heavy instrumental parts to create a solid first recording. This collection of songs shows a very competent group of musicians, and their apparent cohesion is made all the more impressive by the fact that this is their demo tape. The vocals switch back and forth between clean, pretty parts and throaty yelling that doesn’t quite push over into screaming territory. The two styles combine to create a dynamic that keeps this release from becoming stale or too repetitive. All of this being said, Nevasca isn't necessarily breaking new ground right out of the gate, but they are certainly laying the framework to do so in the future. The guitars quickly move from atmospheric and clean to crushing rhythm with tremolo picked lead lines. The entire package comes off as very emotional, and there is definitely a lot of promise hidden in these songs. I look forward to hearing more songs moving forward.

Reviewed by Justin.

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