Thursday, July 18, 2013

Caust - [This Is Not For You.] Split

The Caust songs on this split release are just as I remember their live presence - fast, intense, and tight as hell. The opener 'Sleep, Meaningless, Reasonless' takes almost a full minute to kick in, choosing to open with a spoken sample. When the song does hit home, it switches expertly between grinding blast beats and heavy and devastating slower parts before another spoken sample perfectly bookends the track. 'White Worm' largely follows the same template, switching tempos on a dime, with all of the instruments dropping out for a vocal break just to re-enter as intense as ever. The end is a short, plodding, feedback covered passage that ends the Caust contribution to this split perfectly. [This Is Not For You.], other than having an oddly punctuated name, also play a heavy and quick moving style of screamo. Both of these bands would have fit perfectly as support acts for the screamo boom of the 90s. 'Anton-Babinski Syndrome' has a wonderful passage near the end that is primarily carried by the dirty bass tone and tom heavy drum parts, only occasionally being punctuated by shrieked vocals and heavy guitars. There are few frills here, just fast, well executed hardcore that doesn’t waste any time dwelling on any particular part for too long. It seems like the philosophy here is get in, grind, pulsate, devastate, get out, which is fine by me.

Reviewed by Justin.

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