Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alex Kostka - Recover

01. Stay The Same
02. Recover
03. All I Have
04. Krutch

"I pulled off on the interstate, trying to change my ways," is the opening lyric and pretty much the summarizing theme of Alex Kostka's most recent EP, 'Recover'. Kostka strums acoustic emo songs with a folk vibe, while gently singing lyrics whose themes touch on self-searching and leaving everything behind on the journey to find oneself. The unbelievably relatable songs are complimented with melodic harmonica and whistles, which completes the smooth sound of this EP. "I really hope you can relate with what I'm trying to say," Kostka writes on his bandcamp page, "I try to be as honest as possible." 'Recover' is a musical testimony to that honesty, which is what makes this release so exceptional.

Reviewed by Leor.

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