Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kilgore Trout - Immemorial

01. Reified
02. In Dust, In Shadow, In Nothing
03. Only Cinders Now
04. Redemptive
05. Mechanism (I Chose My Own Path)
06. Mechanism (Emergent)

This latest release finds Virginia natives Kilgore Trout as menacing as ever. Opener 'Reified' lasts all of thirty seconds, but manages to pack a grinding screamo punch before relenting to the at times more restrained 'In Dust, In Shadow, In Nothing'. The latter slows down the tempo a bit to explore more atmospheric territory while the vocals get all the more desperate sounding. The song is full bore once again by the end, however, mixing multiple shrieking voices over melodic yet still devastating instrumentation. Kilgore Trout has really honed their sound on this release, and not a second is wasted. The shorter tracks rage and blast with unbridled intensity, while the ones that last longer meander and weave through clean tones and melodic passages. The one-two punch of 'Mechanism (I Choose My Own Path)' and 'Mechanism (Emergent)' at the end seals this record perfectly. While the former 'Mechanism' is a grinding and then thundering, chunky selection of moshable screamo, the latter takes it's time in getting going. The intro to 'Mechanism (Emergent)' is a gentle, melodic segment with tremolo picked guitar that doesn’t explode until over halfway through. When it does explode, however, it stays slow and plodding, layering the intensity with high melodic guitars and multiple vocal tracks that bring the whole record to a screeching, thundering conclusion.

Reviewed by Justin.

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