Thursday, June 13, 2013

Calculator - This Will Come To Pass

01. Softly So
02. Overture
03. Gasping, But Somehow Still Alive
04. Brooding Over
05. Becoming/Whisperings In Sleep
06. Permanant State Of Daylight
07. First Shadow Of Evening
08. Come Closer, Go Unto
09. Guided By Moonlight
10. Reverie
11. Grinning At The Thought
12. Dark Victory
13. Last Breath

'On This Will Come To Pass' Calculator hone and fully realize an intensity initially shown on 2011's New Forms. These songs pack a more solid punch in terms of recording quality than the band's debut LP 'These Roots Grow Deep', and the songwriting here helps that punch land squarely in your gut. The styles listeners have come accustomed to hearing from Calculator are evidenced here, but presented in a condensed and efficient fashion. Most of these songs are pretty short (only two breech the three minute mark), and that helps Calculator communicate more ideas without seeming stale or repetitive. While stylistically this record borrows heavily from screamo and post-hardcore devices, the twists and turns are what make these songs interesting and special. 'Come Closer, Go Unto' breaks up the intense sequencing of the record with haunting vocals and quiet acoustic guitar, and the occasional galloping speedy drums of songs like 'Grinning At The Thought' add a nice contrast to the slower, thick heavy parts. Even though this record is thirteen songs, it goes by fairly quickly and has a high replay value. On 'This Will Come To Pass' the band offers an urgent document, one that seems all the more sincere knowing that they are completely self releasing it. The guitars pound and shimmer, ducking back and forth between dynamics with a nimble precision. All of the instruments meld perfectly to construct a heavy and dominant backdrop for the shouted and emotional vocals. This record is a worthy step in a wonderful direction for Calculator, and will definitely be one of the albums to beat in heavy music this year.

Reviewed by Justin.

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