Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tel Fyr - Todos Caerán Split

01. Tel Fyr - Almsivi Intervention
02. Tel Fyr - Sermon 15
03. Tel Fyr - Cult Of Winter
04. Tel Fyr - Aedra
05. Todos Caerán - Flow My Tears
06. Todos Caerán - Man In The High Castle
07. Todos Caerán - Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?
08. Todos Caerán - Valis

Before doing this post, let me just say that Dog Knights Productions has been impressing the hell out of me this year. This label is giving Topshelf Records a run for it's money and is quite possibly the European counterpart to that label. Dog Knights Productions has been consistently churning out great music the last few years, but this year is proving to be a milestone year for the label with releases from Nai Harvest, Capacities, Gillian Carter, the Orchid Tribute, and now this killer split LP featuring two amazing Canadian bands. This split LP features new material from Calgary, Alberta's, Tel Fyr and Edmonton's Todos Caerán. The first band on the LP is Tel Fyr. Tel Fyr play a killer style of post-hardcore/post-rock that calls to mind bands like Gifts From Enola or Caravels minus the vocals. On their side of the split, Tel Fyr offer up four songs of tense and atmospheric post-hardcore with post-rock leanings. The second band on the split is Edmonton's Todos Caerán. Regular readers of the blog should be really familiar with this band by now. Todos Caerán went through a ton of lineup changes in 2012 and have refocused their efforts and released four new songs as a result. Todos Caerán offer up four new songs of tense, emotional hardcore, punk, screamo influenced by bands such as City Of Caterpillar, Loma Prieta, and Portraits Of Past. Overall, this is a killer split LP and each band offer up top notch material. Highly recommended! Look for a physical release sometime in June.

Reviewed by Chris.

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