Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pet Symmetry - Dikembe Split

01. Pet Symmetry - Boldly Going Nowhere
02. Dikembe - Keys To The Jeep

I suppose Pet Symmetry could be considered a super-group of sorts in the the emo world, as the band contains members of Dowsing, Into It. Over It., Kittyhawk, Their/They're/There, Stay Ahead Of The Weather, The Please And Thank You's, and Mountains For Clouds. It should be noted that there are only three members in the band, so it quickly becomes evident that these guys stay busy. Anyone already familiar with Evan Weiss’s other projects will immediately feel comfortable with 'Boldly Going Nowhere'. Having said that, this songs does differ a bit from Weiss's other projects. Whereas Into It. Over It. spends a little more time with nimble guitar riffs and an occasionally more introspective vocal approach, Pet Symmetry leans a little more in a punk/power pop direction with straight forward song structure and a consistent and powerful vocal melody. On 'Keys To The Jeep' Dikembe continue their style of introspective, catchy emo. Vocalist Steven Gray's melodies have a certain conversational quality to them that makes them unique. His lines are catchy without being poppy, and are firmly anchored by the strong foundation that the rest of the band provides in the form of solid bass lines and quick, catchy riffs that don't overstay their welcome.

Reviewed by Justin.

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