Sunday, May 26, 2013

Loma Prieta - Raein Split

01. Loma Prieta - Immemorial
02. Loma Prieta - Poverty Map
03. Loma Prieta - Mansion Fire
04. Loma Prieta - Spray Paint
05. Raein - Love And Death

As Loma Prieta progress, they appear to be shedding nearly all of the quieter melodic leanings that peppered their early work in favor of full time noisy blast, which is fine by me. Their contributions to this split pick up where their devastating 2012 full length 'IV' left of. Opener 'Immemorial' mixes high dissonant guitar wails into their already crunchy chord progressions, and 'Mansion Party' has spindly, wiry riffs that are as prominent as they ever have been in a later era Loma Prieta song. Their side is capped off with a quick and fun cover of 'Spray Paint', which is of course a Black Flag song. These Loma tracks almost make the Raein side of the split seem soft in comparison, but this is a worthy contribution from the band. While not as heavy or frantic as some of their other work, 'Love And Death' further explores the melody and introspection that has been hinted at on earlier Raein songs. The higher ambient riffs are almost haunting, and the sung group vocals mix with the music to create a wonderful texture. If this is a hint of what is to come from Raein, I couldn’t be more excited.

Reviewed by Justin.

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