Saturday, May 4, 2013

Juna - Heteroglossia

01. Notes On A Penance
02. Solemnly Swear
03. A Passage
04. A Decade In Salt
05. Camus

This record is a slight change of pace from the stuff that I've been reviewing lately, in that it's not a screamo band. Even after the opening passages of 'Notes On A Penance', I thought screamo might still emerge from the atmospheric guitar lines. Instead, I got atmospheric, moody indie/emo not totally unlike Brand New, Balance & Composure, or Sainthood Reps. The vocals change wonderfully, going from softer sung verses into louder more passionate choruses and refrains, all without actually crossing over into screaming territory. The guitars shimmer, mixing arpeggiated chords and picked out progressions with more atmospheric reverb and delay pedal work and using dynamics to build tension and climax in epic ways. It's hard to exactly pinpoint Juna's sound, as they seem to pull from a variety of genres to construct their big open build ups and moody verses. This release definitely caught me off guard, but I find myself coming back for repeat listens, and recommend you do the same.

Reviewed by Justin.

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