Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fake Problems - You Blew It! Split

01. Fake Problems - Small Devil Song
02. Fake Problems - Gone Before Dawn
03. You Blew It! - Batavia, NY
04. You Blew It! - I'm A Kid, That's My Job

Fake Problems open this split with 'Small Devil Song', which immediately features Chris Farren's smooth croon, and soon slides into a bouncy pop song. The group choruses create a nice contrast to the more restrained verses, and the occasional march like snare rolls accent the rhythm of the catchy and bouncing guitar line. 'Gone Before Dawn' continues in much the same fashion, and the higher guitar lines on this song create a more dance like texture, which compliments the jaunty, chunky guitar lines. You Blew It's side starts with 'Batavia, NY', which continues the styles they found and solidified on their 2012 album 'Grow Up, Dude'. This song shows their slightly slower, soft spoken side, but ends with the higher harmonized vocals that dominated their previous album. 'I’m A Kid, That's My Job' jumps up a notch, pairing more forceful vocals and punctuated guitar strumming with technical, articulate drum parts. These two songs accurately represent the bands dynamic, and hopefully are indicative of their style moving forward into the next full length.

Reviewed by Justin.

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