Saturday, April 13, 2013

Vacanza - Cancello

01. Foresta
02. Venezia
03. Felpa
04. Nuvolari
05. Rombo

This five song EP is a cool short way to get into this band. The songs fall somewhere between screamo and more traditional emo. The tempos aren’t blisteringly fast, yet the songs are intense and pack a thick punch. The vocals are mostly screamed and shouted, but they’re placed on top of a pretty melodic musical framework, which creates a cool dynamic. The guitars are riffing on melodic leads a lot of the time, which to me is what creates the more emo feel to the songs. This release isn't pummeling or super heavy, but that isn't to say that it isn't intense when it needs to be. The drums are just tight enough to drive the songs forward, but loose in a way that creates a more relaxed meandering feel that gives these songs a cool quality. This is pretty different from a lot of punk, emo and screamo that I've heard recently, and that is a welcome change.

Reviewed by Justin.

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