Thursday, April 4, 2013

Strangers Now - Enta Split

01. Enta - Become
02. Strangers Now - One Thirty-six A.M.
03. Enta - Ghoulish
04. Strangers Now - The Love I Had
05. Enta - Unchanged

I love reviewing short splits like this. In nearly every instance I haven't heard of either band, and it provides a good introduction to new music. This split is no exception. Strangers Now and Enta take an uncommon approach and stagger the songs so that it isn't broken up into blocks of songs by each band. Enta leads off with 'Become', a great track filled with shouted vocals and melodic, atmospheric instrumentation. This is my favorite type of screamo, the kind that favors delay pedals and slow, epic tempos over chaotic madness. All three of Enta's songs continue in this fashion, using dynamics and tempos to build intensity slowly and methodically until each song explodes into a thundering cacophony. Strangers Now offer two songs on this split, and they create a nice dynamic with the Enta songs. While both bands could most likely be called screamo, their sounds are fairly different. Strangers Now rely a little more on hardcore tempos and song structures, infusing screamo nuance to create songs that are as interesting and engaging as they are intense. When 'One Thirty-six A.M.' breaks down near the end it super heavy, but I'd imagine it incites more finger pointing and sing alongs than it does moshing. Both tracks have parts that include the fast galloping drums typical of melodic hardcore, but the twists and turns that Strangers Now provide keep the songs interesting. Each part isn't allowed to sit for too long before the tempo shifts dramatically and the mood is intensified. This is being pressed on 10" vinyl by Skeletal Lightning, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Reviewed by Justin.

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