Monday, April 8, 2013

Revolte - Síntoma

01. Flor De Septiembre
02. Volutas De Humo
03. Alusión Al Descontrol
04. Grilletes Y Mordazas
05. Nébeda
06. Otra Vez Atrapado
07. ¡Que Huyan!
08. Síntoma

This screamo band from Chile reminds me of the popular bands from the heyday of grindy screamo or emo-violence. The drums are mostly chaotic, never content to stick to a simple beat. Meanwhile the vocalist is letting loose intense screams and the guitars are jumping between fast octave leads and decimating heavy progressions. These eight songs go by quickly, and demand to be played over. The tempos are constantly shifting, and by the time the listener gets comfortable with a part it switches with no warning to either grind at breakneck pace or plod through heavy feedback laden passages. The band also tempts the listener to let their guard down by inserting melodic clean sections, but before long launches headfirst back into the grinding assault. Fans of emo-violence looking for a band with both unbridled intensity and precision musicianship will definitely be satisfied with 'Síntoma'.

Reviewed by Justin.

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