Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pathfinder - Solstice

01. Solstice
02. Contrast
03. Mourning
04. Colorblind

Being in a "screamo" band in 2013 is tricky. It seems that one of three things happen. You either play a chaotic style with all screamed vocals and get immediately lumped in with Loma Prieta, Beau Navire, etc, you play a more melodic, slowed down, effects pedal style and get immediately lumped in with Touché Amoré, Pianos Become The Teeth, etc, or you play something original and largely get ignored by the hype train. It seems to me as if Pathfinder exists as a combination of the latter two. There are definitely elements of their sound that are similar to Pianos, but I feel that comparing current bands to other current bands is slightly unfair and betrays the due credit of their (potentially) older and deeper influences. The title track that opens this release sets the stage with a low picked out and reverby guitar line and strained vocals. When the full band kicks in it's hard to not hear at least a little bit of Modern Life Is War, mixed of course with Pathfinder's own twist. Fans of melodic hardcore or the ambient off shoot of screamo will definitely find something to like here.

Reviewed by Justin.

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