Sunday, April 14, 2013

Paperplanecrash - Remek Split

01. Paperplanecrash - Biznis Core pt.2 (Kanec)
02. Paperplanecrash - Me, Me And Me
03. Paperplanecrash - 16/2/2009 The Day I Met SCM
04. Paperplanecrash - Honza Was Mad (Remek cover)
05. Paperplanecrash - This Story Is Just Mine
06. Remek - Ukradený Dny
07. Remek - Zůstáváme Stát
08. Remek - Roubík A Pouta
09. Remek - This City Is Big As You Make It (Paperplanecrash cover)

Here is an awesome split between Paperplanecrash (members of Leechfeast and Melete) from Slovenia and Remek (members of Lakmé, Dakhma, Jednota, Gattaca, Marnost, Osawatomie) from Czech Republic. Paperplanecrash plays a relaxed mixture of emo and punk, but on the other part of the split Remek brings the darker and heavier screamo songs with hardcore and post-metal elements. My personal highlight is the first song of the Checz guys called 'Ukradený Dny', amazing track, you can listen to it below. The split will be released by Coffee Breath Records soon. I highly recommend this stuff for everyone.

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