Sunday, April 28, 2013

Disembarked - I Do Nothing But Regret The Fact That I Left

01. Abscond
02. Unwanted But Chosen Pt. I
03. Pillars Pt. II
04. Bewildered
05. Flags Of Our Fathers

It gets a little harder for me all the time to properly delineate between all of the tiny factions within the screamo genre. Can we just call it all screamo and go from there? Because that's the easiest way I can find to describe Disembarked. Their sound has all of the familiar screamo elements, but the recording is clean and the sound is urgent enough to stand out. The vocals on their release 'I Do Nothing But Regret The Fact That I Left' are what stand out to me. This style has certainly been done before, but this vocalist seems on the edge of breaking down at all times, the edges of his notes all drip with passion, and you can tell he really means it. Within screamo my favorite bands are the ones who incorporate elements of post-rock, so I found plenty to like here. The drums are jumpy and technical, never content to play a simple beat, and the guitars at times are soaked in reverb and delay, playing higher tremolo picked runs and creating a really cool atmosphere. I can definitely hear newer bands like State Faults in here, but I can also hear influences from more genre defining bands like Envy or City Of Caterpillar, all interpreted through the Disembarked filter to create something interesting and engaging.

Reviewed by Justin.

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