Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Reverie - Reverie Demo

01. Gethsemane
02. Shutter
03. Healing Distance
04. Untitled
05. New Floods
06. Bad Weather

Genres are a tricky business in 2013, and I feel like the word screamo is thrown around in an extremely vague and broad way, sweeping up any band with passionately screamed vocals and a quiet/loud dynamic. Reverie is an example of the term not doing justice to the subtleties contained in the music. Sure, the demo from this Boise band has screaming, but the nearly all sung closer 'Bad Weather' shows a deeper appreciation for vocal melody, and in the process comes off as a heavy emo song with reverby atmospheric elements. Additionally, the combination of noodling riffs and handclaps in 'New Floods' supply a lighthearted element missing from a lot of current screamo/post-hardcore. The sound quality on this release is great for a demo, and the songs really pack a punch. While guitars shift from distorted and thick chords to picked twinkling passages the bass stays dirty and steadfast, anchoring the songs throughout and providing a consistent tone to the album.

Reviewed by Justin.

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