Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Foxmoulder - Lethe

01. Tesslyn
02. Hum
03. Havelock
04. Endless/Blameless

There's something slightly mythical about Foxmoulder's latest output – in a damning, heretical way. Above the blistering, high-speed screamo, vocals cry of death, poison, flesh and blood, and screaming to gods who will refuse, absolutely refuse, to answer. The high-pitched melodic shrieks of guitars – well, they become shrieks, and the intensity of the music, packed into segments barely longer than a minute and a half, becomes almost frightening. It's straight forward, noisy, DIY recorded emoviolence – with a sense of a looming shadow. 'Endless/Blameless' the final track, is perhaps most notable, with its sense of fading through all the static and lo-fi recording, and its final repeated yell of "where are you now?", after the music fades. That yell is haunting – it's representative of the total abandonment, loss, and anger packed into under seven minutes of music. 'Lethe' is remarkable in this sense – it's blunt, brutal, and restricted to time, yet it manages to conjure up a sense of loss at the end of it.

Reviewed by Beth.

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  1. Is this the only way I can get a hold of you now or what? Why Can't you ever call me anymore?