Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dia Gris - Angkor Wat Split

01. Dia Gris - Tragedia
02. Angkor Wat - Nueve

One look at the cover of this mini split and you'd likely be able to predict the type of music contained therein, but for fans of this sort of thing, that's not a bad sign. This release is short, but doesn't lack for it. Dia Gris open the split with a dirty, heavy, fast song that at times brings to mind His Hero Is Gone, only mixed with a screamo element. The band progressively slows the tempo until the last melodic slower section, which ends the track wonderfully. Angkor Wat has the second track, and blasts right out of the gate with galloping screamy hardcore. The song breaks down into a clean melodic instrumental section about halfway through, but only for a moment before slamming back into thick guitars, heavy drums and screamed vocals that sound like they're peaking the microphone. This is a great introduction for anyone who hasn't heard of these bands before.

Reviewed by Justin.

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