Saturday, March 9, 2013

Best Practices - Sore Subjects

01. Game Changer
02. Home For Halloween
03. Never 100%
04. Brita'd

I'll be honest, I didn't spend much time with Best Practices' previous release, the LP EP. I heard about it quite a bit, but it got lost in the shuffle of whatever was going on at the time. However, 'Sore Subjects' is good enough for me to actively go back and change that. This four song EP is a wonderfully catchy bunch of songs that careens right out of the gate. 'Game Changer' starts the record off with tons of energy, ripping through a little over a minute of riffy punk rock that slams to a halt and gives way to the acoustic intro of 'Home For Halloween'. Chunks of this remind me of the gritty folk influenced punk of O Pioneers, but mostly these songs don't rely on anything but themselves. While these songs are pretty straight forward, there is a subtle complexity evidenced by the dancing riffs hiding behind the chunky and powerful rhythms. The shouty vocals carry an enticing urgency, and these songs are just melodic enough without crossing over into poppy territory. If 'Sore Subjects' is any indication, I expect more great things from this band as they move forward.

Reviewed by Justin.

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