Thursday, March 28, 2013

Barrow - Though I'm Alone

01. Fox Ears And Silence
02. A Dead Hum, Echoed
03. Wither
04. Old Timer
05. Fed (Choking, Retching)
06. Clawhold
07. Dogwood
08. You Can Probably Find It In Norfolk
09. God's In His Heaven - All Is Well

Barrow are a Greensboro, North Carolina based band who play an amazing style of music that seemlessly blends hardcore, post-hardcore, and elements of screamo with flourishes of post-rock into a cohesive formula that makes for an incredible listen. I first became interested in the band after hearing the band's debut 2 song demo released in 2009. It's great to see the band progress tremendously since their demo. Barrow's sound is hard to pigeonhole, which makes the band stand out from their peers. 'Though I'm Alone' is the band's latest nine song LP, which was released via Mayfly Records on March 19, 2013. On Though I'm Alone, the band displays a more focused and measured sound that draws from a variety of sources. On one level, Barrow employs a great use of atmospherics that adds an additional layer to the band's already oppresive sound. They remind me of bands like Celeste and Black Everest. At other times, Barrow uses a noise tinged, crust fueled approach and resembles bands such as Achilles, Bone Dance, and Engineer. Overall, these combinations of sounds results in a dark, atmospheric, and oppressive sound. Seriously, I can't begin to describe who good this album is. Barrow has truly crafted a top notch album here. Enjoy!

Reviewed by Chris.

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  1. This is amazing. I finally got a chance to listen the whole way through and im floored. I can see them touring with cathedraal or (maybe) state faults. Thanks a million for the recommendation. This is why I love this site.