Saturday, March 9, 2013

Baron Noir - L'époque Exige De Bons Gestionnaires

01. Plus Chic Que Mon Cadavre...
02. Au Feu!
03. Rien N'Est Vrai, Tout Est Possible
04. Voyager Léger
05. On Ferme Le Bal
06. La Fin D'Une Epoque
07. Hurlements En Faveur De Sade

So according to the band's bandcamp page, Baron Noir called it quits in 2007, which is a shame, since this style of melodic hardcore/screamo/etc is back in full force. This release isn't groundbreaking, but it sits firmly among the better releases of this style. The drums are powerful and technical, driving the song while careening off into uncharted fills before coming back to the beat for intense build-ups. The guitars are thick and melodic, and convey perfect intensity while subtle melody plays out underneath the orchestrated chaos. The album as a whole flows beautifully, changing moods and tempos often and keeping the listener engaged fully. The heavy sections are offset by beautiful, and sometimes haunting, clean progressions that highlight the thumping rhythm section behind gently picked guitar lines. Again, it's a shame this band is no more, because I can imagine them having a crazy and passionate live show. Fans of nearly any mutation of screamo or melodic hardcore won't have to look hard to find something to like about this release.

Reviewed by Justin.

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