Monday, February 18, 2013

Pipedream - New Colours

01. The Dry Desert Of Inspiration
02. Behind The Screen
03. New Colours
04. Greater Spirits (Undiminished and Finished)

What is emo and what is punk in 2013? I'm wondering this, listening to Pipedream's latest record, 'New Colours', an album full of warm melodies (under the multiple jangling guitar lines), and slower, almost pensive - but not overcomplicated - instrumentals. It's simple, honest, straight-forward music, able to kick up pace, yet is also willing to kick back. Indeed, at its calmest, there's something a little sunny-eyed and nostalgic behind the chord progressions - although that might just be an image caused the artwork, a setting, wintry sunset, a beautiful piece of work. And it's that warm-in-the-middle-of-winter feeling which aids its simple protestations, makes it... almost innocent, and a little childlike, like much good pop-punk often feels. But this is an album which despite not being 'experimental' or 'wacky', doesn't fall into the conventions of either twinkle-twinkle-star math-pop emo or grittier punk. Sometimes genre labels can be restricting - after all, it's the progression from 'punk' to 'emo' that allowed punk to progress beyond itself. And it's not only refreshing to see an album which doesn't fall into the pitfalls of stereotypes, but it's really refreshing that it's a good one, too.

Reviewed by Beth.

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  1. top shout Beth I'll get you a pint brev

  2. thanx beth for this!i ve been searching for it!