Thursday, February 21, 2013

No Action - Roger King Split

01. No Action - Bring Home Flowers
02. Roger King - I Belong To You

The beginning of 'Bring Home Flowers' by No Action is almost disarming in the way that it sets you up to expect a gentle acoustic track. The picked guitar is complemented by what sounds like a violin, creating a dreamy texture that gives way to a bouncy melodic punk track. No Action isn't breaking any new ground here, but the song is well composed and catchy. My only qualm is that the acoustic introduction seems to have been attached arbitrarily, and doesn't really relate thematically to the rest of the song. The production on the Roger King song is decidedly more lo-fi than that of the No Action song, and while this can be pulled off as a stylistic technique, I personally think the song suffers for it. The vocals are clear, which is a plus, and the singer's gentle crooning sits atop a midtempo catchy punk song. Again, no musical walls being torn down here, but sometimes that's not necessary, as these are both catchy enjoyable punk songs.

Reviewed by Justin.

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