Monday, February 4, 2013

Muruhuay - Muruhuay

01. Mohawk
02. Brandon Lee, Best Snuff Movie Star Ever
03. Portrait
04. Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
05. Leaf
06. Guide Me Lord Of Muruhuay

While this record feels sort of familiar, I found it difficult to immediately compare to any bands, because it combines musical devices from a plethora of styles to create a familiar feel with subtle differences. When 'Mohawk' kicked in I was transported back to days of driving in my car and blasting the Punk-O-Rama comps. This stuff is definitely catchy, but calling it pop-punk would be to dismiss the nuances and grit presented here. There's a chunky raw feeling of nineties skate punk mixed with a little bit of melodic hardcore vocal delivery not totally unlike Ignite or maybe Much The Same. The bass on this record is gritty and driving, and creates a good foundation for the higher octave leads and sometimes technical transitions. Musically I can also hear a little bit of Millencollin in the way that the chords and notes themselves seem to evoke memories and nostalgia. This is a really strong EP, and a promising look at what this band is capable of moving forward.

Reviewed by Justin.

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