Monday, February 18, 2013

Laika - The Brother, The Solace, The Pariah, The Father

01. A Spurred Horse
02. Randy
03. Mitch
04. Craig
05. Keith

Laika is a mathy screamo trio from St. Louis, Missouri, US. This five-song EP named 'The Brother, The Solace, The Pariah, The Father' was released on 13th February 2013 and this is Laika's first record. Musically, these guys draw their influnces from math-rock, twinkly emo and screamo, the incredible guitar parts on the album sometimes blow my mind, truly crazy stuff. Laika's debut is an amazing listen for fans of experimental and mathy music.

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  1. This band just had a new split come out.

    the weakness side: