Sunday, February 24, 2013

Grinding Halt - Brito Split

01. Grinding Halt - Rechtsmensch
02. Grinding Halt - Op Recept
03. Grinding Halt - Omslag
04. Grinding Halt - De Rekening
05. Brito - This Is Where The World Catches Up On Us
06. Brito - Generations
07. Brito - We Kill Giants
08. Brito - A Revengers Tragedy
09. Brito - Now And Then

Mark from De Graanrepubliek Records was cool enough to send me the mp3's from this killer split LP featuring new material from Groningen, Netherlands based Grinding Halt and Brito. Grinding Halt play a facemelting style of music that incorporates hardore, punk, grind, and emo-violence within their sound. On their side of the split, Grinding Halt offer up four devastating and chaotic songs that pick up where the band left off with their split 7" with Daighila. On the opposite end of the screamo spectrum is Brito. On their side of the split, Brito offer up five new songs that aren't too far off on their 2008 LP 'This Wave Is Only For The Goohearted'. Brito takes cues from 90's and early 2000's emotive hardcore made popular by bands such as Shotmaker, Bread And Circuits, and Yaphett Kotto. Brito would have fit in well on record labels such as Level Plane or Ebullition Records. At other times, the band takes cues sonically from post-hardcore bands such as Fugazi or Twelve Hour Turn. Overall, this is a phenomenal split and both bands offer up top notch material.

Reviewed by Chris.

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