Monday, February 18, 2013

George Costanza - Relationships Split

01. George Costanza - Agent Cody Danks
02. George Costanza - George W. Kush
03. Relationships - Hoagie Beach
04. Relationships - Adult Problems
05. Relationships - Doin' Man Stuff (Maybe Drink A Beer)

George Constanza and Relationships have made a split just the right mixture of sweet and bitter. More sweetbitter than bittersweet - it's less like a tearful goodbye between lovers and more like innocent children kicking the living shit out of each other (as the cover art playfully demonstrates). Songs are mid-tempo, moving at a relaxed pace, with catchy guitar lines, occasionally using those iconic noodly-indiemo solos slowed right down to a jerky bounce. Where's the bitterness, then? Forward rhythm work and harsh vocals - raspy screams and sudden yells, crashing in suddenly, as each song builds. Relationships' lyrics, in particular, stand out for their blunt and cutting perspective of loneliness and disillusionment, cynical about their own age, and make up the harsher part of the split for that reason. But the entire product is solid work, and stands on its own feet with its light-and-shadow approach to emo.

Reviewed by Beth.

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  1. gonna download just because of the name of the first band haha