Sunday, February 24, 2013

Frameworks - Small Victories

01. Ida
02. Sewn
03. Model Homes
04. Old Chokes

There's something frantic - almost anxious - about Framework's latest album. Perhaps it's the detailed percussion, often very fragmented, and treated as an equal to the melodic parts, that creates a sense of pulse and direction that really pushes this record onwards. Or maybe it's the urgent appeal of the screamed vocals. The whole of Small Victories is a constant stream of textures and sounds patterned together - the versatility in guitar is admirable, switching from heavy riffs to melodic runs to reverb-heavy passages with remarkable pace and ability. 'Ida' and 'Sewn' criss-cross in this direct fashion, but the album takes a slight turn with 'Model Homes' and 'Old Chokes', experimenting with vocals veiled behind softer, slower tones, or gentle introductions with a soulful trombone. The tight drum work still keeps the pace and consistency up, and allows the album to wind down without losing itself. 'Small Victories' is both a skilful effort as well as a passionate one, much like the lyrics behind it: cleverly put, yet undeniably raw.

Reviewed by Beth.

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